Experimental Physics and Quantum Optics X-Ray

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Coherent X-ray optics

Nanofocusing of the High Harmonic soft X-ray pulses to nanospots with large focused intensities is a prerequisite for nano-spectroscopy and nano-imaging using ultrashort soft X-ray pulses.

We are developing diffractive soft X-ray optics based on reflective or transmissive zoneplate structures optimized for focusing or imaging with spectrally selected High Harmonics. Further research is performed towards achromatic broadband diffractive nanooptics for focusing of attosecond soft X-ray pulses.

The scientific goal is the nano-focusing of coherent attosecond HHG pulses for time-resolved nano-spectroscopy and nano-imaging as well as controlling localized near-field enhancement of few-cycle laser pulses by optimized nano-antenna structures.

These diffractive nanostructures and nano-antenna structures are generated in our group by Electron Beam Lithography (Raith 200) in a class 1000 clean room followed by metallic lift-off procedures on Si wafer substrates or ultrathin nanofilms.

They are characterized by high-resolution SEM, AFM or surface profilometry.

zppma_homepage_10 SEM

Electron Beam Writer for diffractive optics and nano-antenna structures