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Paper highlighted in OSA 'Spotlight on Optics'


'Spotlight on Optics'

The publication 'Attosecond photoelectron streaking with enhanced energy resolution for small-bandgap materials' from Guggenmos et al. has been highlighted in 'Spotlight on Optics' by the Optical Society of America. Spotlight articles are selected by the editors of each journal to show the breadth and quality of the journals’ content. Editors identify articles that have excellent scientific quality, are representative of the level of work taking place in a specific area, and provide perspective on related work in the field. Each Spotlight article will be made open access and be accompanied by original summaries and multimedia, if applicable. In addition, readers will be able to post comments to the Spotlight page, creating a dialogue between the author and the reader, and among readers.

Please find the summary by William Okell and further information below.